Our Art Studio Cleaned Very Well By E-ZClean – Victoria BC Pressure Washing

We has a pressure washing service we were looking for and came across E-ZClean in Victoria, BC, we are actually really happy with the work they did for our art studio and offices. We had so many dirt and black debris on the walls and floors and finally needed to get it done after many years, you can only imagine how bad it was after so many years of work

They came in for a day with the equipment and after a few hours of work, they were done and were very professional! We told them that we would write a quick blog post about what they did and how they helped us! If you are in need of some pressure washing in Victoria or power washing done then we would highly recommend their company to anyone. We loved the fact that they were very professional and wore all the safety equipment needed, and took care of all the other stuff we had around.

They told us they also do residential homes and industrial locations as well which is amazon. So if you need that sidewalk taken care of and for a very affordable price, which they gave us a free quote as well, then definitely give them a call. It was a 3 man team that came in so this may have been the reason why the job was so fast and it was very efficient in terms of times and price. We would recommend that you at least ask for a free quote and have them come by to take a look at hat you need done, then you can have an idea of what to expect first and how much it is going to be. This is what we started with and we believe is probably a good idea for you as well.

Don’t hesitate to go to our contact page and let us know if you have any questions about them, you will be able to click through some of the links here to go to their website as well. Have a great day!

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