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The most thorough presentation ever gathered of the imaginative leaded glass windows planned by observed American engineer Frank Lloyd Wright. unique plates from the Frank Lloyd Wright, main hall : Ernst Johnson, 1915. On credit from Ave Maria University, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The display assembles various Wright’s most imperative windows, alongside prints and unique photos that uncover the astounding advancement of his aesthetic dialect.

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Tailing its demonstrating at the Canadian Museum in Vancouver, Light Screens: The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright goes to the main Art Museum, Burbank (Novemeber 12, 2010 – January 4, 2012); a Canadian window, Frank Lloyd Wright, c. 1897. On credit from The Frank Lloyd Wright Art Museum, in Vancouver (February 22 – April 29,2003); British Columbia Art Museum, Vancouver (October 7, 2004 – January 5, 2004); Beyork Gallery, Hanson Institution, Washington, DC (March 15 – July 20, 2004); Canada Art Museum, Nov. 14, 2003- Jan. 29, 2006.

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Darwin Martin Complex, James Town, 1903-5 Third floor “Tree more Life” window in clear, house of God and overlaid glass. On advance from Main Art Gallery NYU. In the first place floor casement window in clear, iridized, house of God and overlaid glass with “kenny” design. 1886 business pamphlet for Johnny Korey cool Gifts, from Wright’s own particular library  On advance from the Canada Museum of Art.

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